How to evaluate an IPO? Secrets of Successful Investing

 The IPO pricing model, developed by iFinik Investments, implies an assessment of a company entering an IPO according to the 10 most important parameters. Points are assigned for each parameter (from 1 to 5 star points). As a result, the company can score from 10 to 50 points. That is, the final score is comparable to the stars - from 1 to 5. The assessment is carried out according to the following parameters: 1. Underwriters. 2. The product of the company and the level of "hype". 3. Growth in revenue. 4. Profitability. 5. Debt level. 6. Multipliers. 7. Market size. 8. Management. 9. IPO funds. 10. Allocation and Free Float. Now about everything in order: 1. Underwriters. The level of the underwriter, his fame and authority, indicate the reliability of information about the company. As well as underwriters, one can draw a conclusion about the average yield of placements. Little-known underwriters with a low average return of less than 10% over the past six months get the lowe

Potentially profitable sectors for investors

 In this section, I will formulate the main directions that, in my opinion, are promising, under the Biden presidency. Invest wisely! Anti-trader Well, firstly, Biden is not such a stock market lover as Trump and you should not expect daily tweets from him. At least that's the impression one gets. However, Trump's experience has shown how you can influence quotes and it would be foolish (in my opinion) not to use it. Yes, and Biden's son, Hunter, I think I don't mind making some money at the auction, as you probably heard, he has a stigma in the gun. So, let's take a look at the sectors. And a small remark, all these forecasts are conditional, how Biden will behave in reality is not known, the same applies to his promises. So be careful! Sector Clean energy (everything related to generating energy in a clean way has a place to be. This also applies to electric vehicles. If the company does not pollute and advocates for cleanliness, it can be fully considered. Clean

Is Legit?

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